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4/26/1998 Pavilion pictures from the West-Caid War



Non-Commercial Pavilion Sites

A Sorta Taxonomy of Pavilions

Medieval Pavilion Resources page

Mira Silverlock (Tanya Guptill) has assembled perhaps the single largest collection of pavilion articles and pointers on the Web today. Highly recommended


Commercial Pavilion Sites

Dragonwing Pavilions

West Kingdom/Bay Area, CA; great color choices and solid construction.
Also, some good tips on construction, medieval designs, how to choose a pavilion and more. Highly recommended.

Four Seasons TentMasters

Panther Primitives

Panther finally put up a website, and it's a pretty nice one. Their focus is more on 18-19th century tentage and supplies, but have a good selection of medieval ones as well.

I'm a Panther owner now, after having built about half-a-dozen pavilions and sunshades. Their prices were just a little less than it would have cost me to buy the fabric alone, and I was able to specify how I wanted it designed: # of sides, height, color (a more limited selection than Dragonwing, though), etc. I'm quite satisfied with the pavilion. (See a photo from a no-longer recent West-Caid war.)

Past Tents

This is a UK-based tentmaking company, and, while I've not seen their products in person, I can highly recommend their web site: the design is very nice, and there are a lot of photographs (if too small for my taste) of their work, including a triple-cone 18' x 60' field of the cloth of gold design.


Nizam (H. Nizam and Sons)

Pakistan based tentmaking company. They've got an interesting collection of medieval and other--especially military--tents listed on their site, and do a lot of custom work. I've never seen one of their products in action.


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