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studiolightsArticle on choosing studio lights. Deals with the issues involved rather than name brands and such. Mostly talks about flash systems rather than continuous lights ("Hot Lights", HMI, etc.), but many of the issues are applicable there are well.17621Aug 17 2005
Photoshop Tips
PhotoshopFalseColorsUsing Photoshop to generate a False-color look, as is most commonly seen from color infra-red. [HTML]3683Aug 17 2005
color_correction_basicsBasic instructions on doing by-the-numbers Color Correction in Photoshop.[PDF]8746Aug 17 2005
contrast_maskingUsing masks to control contrast in Photoshop [PDF]182407Aug 17 2005
diffusion_filtersSimulating photographic diffusion filters using Photoshop [PDF]134346Aug 17 2005
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