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Áengus O'Flaherty Valeria Tertia of Alexandrina Snorri Snafari Bjornson 20030601_130349
20030601_130710 20030601_130452 20030601_130733 20030601_130812
Philip Williams of Aston Albrect von Kallenburg Helgi Hrafenfaedhir Aldgytha of Ashwood
20030601_130849 20030601_132010 20030601_132039 20030601_132134
Helgi Hrafenfaedhir vs James of Nayland Conrad Breakring
Helgi Hrafenfaedhir Guillaume de Belgique
20030601_132207 20030601_132456 20030601_132701 20030601_132748
Alaric Sartiano, Rex Caidis Eronric of Devon Alaric of Arundel Robert mac Labhruinn
20030601_132957 20030601_132917 20030601_134253 20030601_133638
? gets help from Antonius Tesel Ryan of Rickford

20030601_134253 Paganus Grimlove vs Robert Camulus Brigantia
20030601_133615 20030601_133722 20030601_133843 20030601_133848
Robert Camulus Brigantia vs Paganus Grimlove Paganus Grimlove vs Robert Camulus Brigantia Robert Camulus Brigantia vs Paganus Grimlove Robert Camulus Brigantia vs Paganus Grimlove
20030601_134530 20030601_134707 20030601_135026 20030601_135235
Sven Orfhendur vs Albrect von Kallenburg Alaric Sartiano, Rex Caidis Seraphina Sacheverell

James of Nayland
20030601_135237 20030601_135242 20030601_135252 20030601_135427
Valharic Aurelius (Middle/Atlantia) Fia Naheed Helgi Hrafenfaedhir Drogo FitzWilliam

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