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Caid Coronation
Starkhafn, May 31, 2003

20030531_121707 20030531_121758 20030531_123745 20030531_123925
Arianna Kateryn Nunneschild and Laertes McBride Robert Camulus Brigantia and Laertes McBride Conrad Breakring Hrorek Halfdane of Faulconwood
20030531_124348 20030531_125814 20030531_130257 20030531_130339
Eichling von Amrun Aliskye MacKyven Raizel Killian McTaggart Antonius Tesel
20030531_130635 20030531_131344 20030531_134823 20030531_135916
Una and Gerhart, Regina and Rex Caidis Su "I see you!" of the Silver Horn Una Orcadiana Astra Christiana Benedict
20030531_135943 20030531_135959 20030531_142759 20030531_143421
Gwendolyn of Amberwood Bruce Dracondarius of Mistholme Morgan Arthur ap Llewellyn Thea Gabrielle Northernridge
20030531_143703 20030531_145121 20030531_125943 20030531_144141
Elizabeth Annora Dernelof Aelfwyn's Pelican Scroll, by Edith of Arbroath Conrad Breakring, taking a break Felinah, Guillaume, and Robert
Una and Gerhart are called forward

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