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Western Beltane Coronation
May 3, 2003

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20030503_103233 20030503_103241 20030503_103235 20030503_110041
Brandy Wynne of Haven and half of Maeve Snorri Maeve and Danika Savanah Angelina Nicolette de Beaumont (Caid)
20030503_110055 20030503_110945 20030503_110958 20030503_111022
Lucrezia Ana Callista Caracciola da Venezia 20030503_110945 Hauoc Bender Jimena Ines Montoya de Garcia and Paul of
20030503_105854 20030503_111222 20030503_111241 20030503_111251
The Candidate prepares
Frederick of Holland
Leticia de Scotia Gemini de Grendel
20030503_111342_1418 20030503_111450 20030503_111514 20030503_111602
Lissa (20030503_111342_1418) Caterina? (111450) Kareina Talvi Tytar Gisela de Kalais
20030503_111624 20030503_112257 20030503_112724 20030503_112533
Coronado ? The King and Queen enter Court Final Court of Conor and Isa Jana the Mad
20030503_112819 20030503_112848 20030503_113008_copy 20030503_113017
The Laurels are called forward Eilis ni Roibeard O'Boirne speaks of the Candidate's skill and teaching The candidate comes forward, preceded by Ivone Pons Leyr. Mari Alexander
20030503_113314 20030503_113402 20030503_113438 20030503_113541
20030503_113314 Angelina Nicolette de Beaumont presents a medallion Mari receives the Medalion of the Order of the Laurel from Conor and Isa The new Laurel, Mari Alexander
20030503_113608 20030503_113703 20030503_113824 20030503_114319
A song of welcome by (?), Juana Isabella de Montoya y Ramirez, (?) kneeling, (?), Ivone Pons Leyr (singing), Margarete Ravn in brown with hat, Ivar Hakonarson (tall in back), Juan Santiago, (?), (?), and Siobhan of Cloverdell. Frederick of Holland, King Conor, Mari Alexander, Queen Isa Mari Alexander and Eilis Scroll for Mari by Aliske(?), written by Hector of the Black Height, scribed by Eliska z Jihlava
20030503_114435 20030503_114531 20030503_114855 20030503_115120
Brion of Bellatrix Emrik of Vakkerfjell Marguerite du Royon is inducted into the Order of the Pelican Marguerite du Royon, Richard de Camville (facing her) , Brian FitzWilliam of Glastonbury (Blue/white), and Elisabeth René de Champagne. Conal and Isa in the background.
20030503_115228 20030503_115411 20030503_115518 20030503_115541
Alan MacMillan and Marguerite du Royon Swearing Fealty Marguerite du Royon is inducted into the Order of the Pelican Marguerite du Royon and Alan MacMillan
20030503_115607 20030503_115720 20030503_115759 20030503_115802
Brian of Glastonbury helps the Crown tie the medallion of the Order on Marguerite du Royon Alison Gray of Owlswood and Marguerite du Royon Marguerite du Royon greets her new Peers Marguerite du Royon and Allen McMillan

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