Gyldenholt / Calafia Plague Tourney II
The Relapse

March 31, 2001

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images/_2001_10_07.jpg, Ivan the Illustrated
Ivan the Illustrated
images/_2001_10_08.jpg, Ciar Lasse MacGregor
Ciar Lasse MacGregor
images/_2001_10_01.jpg, 2001-10-01
images/_2001_10_05.jpg, Shaya the Gypsy
Shaya the Gypsy
images/_2001_10_06.jpg, Colin Winthorpe
Colin Winthorpe
images/_2001_10_09.jpg, 2001-10-09
images/_2001_10_13.jpg, Duke Andrew of Riga
Duke Andrew of Riga
images/_2001_10_14.jpg, Andrew & Shaya in the Rat Race
Andrew & Shaya in the Rat Race
images/_2001_10_03.jpg, 2001-10-03
images/_2001_10_21.jpg, 2001-10-21
images/_2001_10_30.jpg, 2001-10-30
images/_2001_10_23.jpg, Hrodnavar Hakonsson
Hrodnavar Hakonsson
images/_2001_10_18.jpg, 2001-10-18
images/_2001_10_32.jpg, Guillaume de St. Michel
Guillaume de St. Michel
images/_2001_10_24.jpg, Tobin Ripponwood
Tobin Ripponwood
images/_2001_10_25.jpg, 2001-10-25
images/_2001_10_28.jpg, Angelina Nicollette de Beaumont
Angelina Nicollette de Beaumont
images/_2001_10_36.jpg, Erasmus ("A man and his mace...")
Erasmus ("A man and his mace...")
images/_2001_11_05.jpg, Padraic Fraochdha Idheach & Morgana Elisabetta de Rosatti.
Padraic Fraochdha Idheach & Morgana Elisabetta de Rosatti.
images/_2001_11_22.jpg, Colin of Eileen Donan
Colin of Eileen Donan
images/_2001_10_31.jpg, The Wheel of (Mis)Fortune
The Wheel of (Mis)Fortune
images/_2001_11_04.jpg, Duryn the Red
Duryn the Red
images/_2001_11_17.jpg, Thorvald Olafson, Baron of Calafia
Thorvald Olafson, Baron of Calafia
images/_2001_11_12.jpg, 2001-11-12
images/_2001_11_10.jpg, Just one of the games
Just one of the games
images/_2001_11_06.jpg, Anneliese Maria von Marburg (and many others)
Anneliese Maria von Marburg (and many others)
images/_2001_11_14.jpg, Morgan Arthur ap Llewellyn
Morgan Arthur ap Llewellyn
images/_2001_11_18.jpg, Ceara inghen Chonaill
Ceara inghen Chonaill
images/_2001_11_20.jpg, Amsha al Sirhan
Amsha al Sirhan
images/_2001_11_21.jpg, 2001-11-21 (Tegan?)
2001-11-21 (Tegan?)
images/_2001_11_25.jpg, Rainvaig Ruriksdottir
Rainvaig Ruriksdottir
images/_2001_11_29.jpg, Bring out your dead!
Bring out your dead!
images/_2001_11_16.jpg, Bruce Draconarius of Mistholme
Bruce Draconarius of Mistholme
images/_2001_11_26.jpg, 2001-11-26 (Meg?)
2001-11-26 (Meg?)
images/_2001_12_01a.jpg, 2001-12-01a
images/_2001_11_32.jpg, Morgan Athenry
Morgan Athenry
images/_2001_12_02a.jpg, Felinah vs Giacomo
Felinah vs Giacomo
images/_2001_12_04a.jpg, Seamus' Trebuchet and Seamus
Seamus' Trebuchet and Seamus
images/_2001_12_05a.jpg, Ariana Irene de Caro & Nicolai Ventare
Ariana Irene de Caro & Nicolai Ventare
images/_2001_12_10a.jpg, Thea Gabrielle Northernridge
Thea Gabrielle Northernridge
images/_2001_12_06a.jpg, Gareth Marcellus of Camalodunum
Gareth Marcellus of Camalodunum
images/_2001_12_07a.jpg, Guillaume de la Belgique
Guillaume de la Belgique
images/_2001_12_09a.jpg, Christaen de Groote
Christaen de Groote
images/_2001_12_12a.jpg, Morgana
images/_2001_12_17a.jpg, 2001-12-17a
images/_2001_12_18a.jpg, Gwendolyn of Amberwood
Gwendolyn of Amberwood
images/_2001_12_19a.jpg, Richard le Clerk
Richard le Clerk
images/_2001_12_14a.jpg, Magnus and Randwulf
Magnus and Randwulf
images/_2001_12_29a.jpg, ?  & Arianna Kateryn Nunneschild
? & Arianna Kateryn Nunneschild
images/_2001_12_32a.jpg, Astra Christiana Benedict
Astra Christiana Benedict
images/_2001_12_34a.jpg, Arianna, Thomas, & Angelina
Arianna, Thomas, & Angelina

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