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War between Caid and Atenveldt
Glen Helen Regional Park

October 21, 1978

1978_on_22 1978_on_23 1978_on_24 1978_on_26
1978_on_22 1978_on_23 1978_on_24 Conrad von Regensburg carries the banner
1978_on_29 1978_on_30 1978_on_33 1978_on_34
Johann von Hohen Staffen Alacya Daveraugh "The Colin" 1978_on_34
1978_on_36 1978_on_37 1978_on_38 1978_on_39
? & Neptha of Thebes Akagawa Yoshio (Now known as Husam) Bevin Fraser of Sterling
? & Gregory of York
1978_oo_32 1978_oo_35 1978_oo_36
1978_oo_32 Angelina Nicolette Angelina Nicolette

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